The Do’s and Don’ts of Building and Managing an Effective Inside Sales Team

Inside sales is often the first point of contact with a potential customer. It’s crucial that your inside sales team be well trained and effective.

Do focus on hiring the right people. Create a hiring profile and stick to it. Decide the sort of sales person you’re looking for and create an interview strategy to find that person. You’ll need to have either phone contact or face-to-face contact with the interviewees since these are the skills your sales person will be using.
Don’t simply hire someone to fill a spot. You are creating a team and every individual is important. Your sales team effectiveness will only be as successful as your weakest sales person.

Do invest in motivation and sales management. Your inside sales team will need an experienced, professional manager. This needs to be a dedicated sales manager whose job is to manage and motivate your inside sales team. Hire an experienced manager into this position. Keeping your staff motivated is also an important part of a sales management position. Keep a positive attitude and work with positives.
Don’t promote a sales person with no management training into this position. Simply promoting an inside person to this position will not bring success. Specific training and experience in sales management and sales leadership, is the key to success. Don’t motivate using negatives and derogatory remarks. Keeping things positive is especially important during times of economic hardship.

Do have a marketing plan. Having a plan with strategic goals and strategies will help to ensure the success of your inside sales team. This inside sales strategy should be integrated with other aspects of your companies marketing plans. Decide how inside sales can help your overall goals. Make your objectives measurable and specific.
Don’t simply hire a number of people and put them on the phones. Remember, inside sales people are often your first point of contact with a customer. First impressions can establish lifelong relationships.

Do focus on sales compensation and sales training. There are plenty of sales training tips that you can use to your benefit. Providing training to your sales force enables them to learn the specific ways your company wants them to sell the product. Quarterly sales training sessions are recommended to review strategic goals, marketing plans, product reviews and other items of importance. One-on-one coaching and mentoring can be very helpful, especially for new sales people. Sales compensation is something that needs to be considered on a regular basis. Attainable goals should be compensated in a meaningful way. Remember to reward progress. If you’re not quite sure on sales compensation, there are plenty of sales compensation tips that you can read about, to help you in compensating appropriately.
Don’t scrimp on the training budget or the time allowed for training. A well-trained sales force can make an enormous difference in meeting your sales goals.

Do focus on maximizing sales growth. Even during a time of economic downturn, your team should focus on increasing sales. Are you hitting the volume and quality of your leads with your marketing message? Be disciplined about getting your sales team to meet its quotas.
Don’t accept excuses about the economy as a reason not to push for sales growth. Be positive and diligent about meeting your goals, no matter what the economic tide.

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